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There is a wealth of knowledge on the internet … and a huge amount of misinformation. Below are links to websites and services that we know and trust.

Horse Health


The Horse: Your Guide to Equine Health Care
American Association of Equine Practicioners (AAEP)


Farm & Pasture Management


Horses for Clean Water: Eco-Friendly Horse Keeping
Pierce Conservation District (Pierce County)
King Conservation District (King County)
Thurston Conservation District (Thurston County)
Kitsap Conservation District (Kitsap County)


Referral & Specialty Hospitals


Pilchuck Veterinary Hospital
Washington State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital
Oregon State University Veterinary Hospital


Local & Regional Horse Publications


The Northwest Horse Source
Flying Changes


Feed & Supplement Companies


LMF Feeds
Triple Crown Nutrition

Arenus: Assure Products

Platinum Performance

Colic Reimbursement Programs


ColiCare - SmartPak

EQCO - Platinum Perfomance

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