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Video: How To Apply A Leg Bandage

Did you know that we have a YouTube Channel? Over the next several months we will be adding new videos covering topics including how to take your horse’s vitals, apply a foot bandage, and give intramuscular injections.

Our first video covers how to apply a standing bandage and features Dr. Ashley Galen and her patient, Rumba.

Standing bandages are typically used to help decrease swelling, support the leg and cover wound bandages. They are a valuable addition to any horse owner’s first aid kit and, with some practice, fairly easy to apply.

For a standing wrap you will need:

  • No Bow Bandage Wrap or Pillow Leg Wrap Most average sized horses need 12 inch wraps in the front and 14 inch in the back. To determine your horse’s size, measure from the just below the knee or hock to the top of the pastern.

  • Standing Wraps Please note – these are NOT the same as a polo wrap; they are a stretchy polyester wrap made specifically for standing bandages.

These items may be available at your local feed or tack store.

**Tacoma Equine Hospital does not guarantee or endorse any of the products linked to or mentioned in this post; they are used as examples only.**


Are there other topics you would be interested in having us cover? Let us know at

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